"My work examines the sometimes unfamiliar connection between humanity and objects. My fascination with the relationship between shapes allows me to discover new possibilities. I may explore this with inspiration from a rusted piece of metal, a collection of beach junk, or perhaps, a glorious sunset.

Beginning with random marks on canvas, the painting provides the direction and tells me when it is complete. Typically unplanned, this subconscious flow is the drive behind my creative process.

I often experiment with variety of mediums. I may work with coal from a fireplace, tissue paper, eggshells, needle and thread, or a heat gun to create interesting textures. Quick drying acrylics and latex house paints allow for spontaneity. I am always looking forward to new discoveries to use in my work and they never fail to present themselves."

Erika Larskaya is an abstract artist, who primarily works in acrylics and mixed media. She grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, and immigrated to United States in 1989. In Russia, she studied fine art with private instructors and later, Interior Design at American Business and Fashion Institute in Charlotte, NC. She works out of her studio in CT.


2020 - Dottie’s Coffee Lounge, group show, Pittsfield, MA

2017 - Winvian Resort and Spa, selected works, Morris, CT

2017 - Noble Horizons, group show, Salisbury, CT

2016 - Berkshire Pulse, solo show, Housatonic, MA

2014 - Gallery Arts Guild, group show, Millerton, NY

2012 - Noble Horizons, small works group show, Salisbury, CT

2012 - Hudson Opera House, juried show, 3rd place, Hudson, NY

2011 - 14th Colony Artists, group show, Millerton, NY

2011 - Zen Dog Café, selected works show, Rhinebeck, NY

2010 - Fall For Art, Kamilla’s Floral Boutique, Millerton, NY

2010 - Columbia County Council on the Arts, group show, Chatham, NY

2010 - RE Institute, group show, Millerton, NY

2009 - Hudson Opera House, group show, Hudson, NY

2009 - Arts-Walk, Windows on Warren, solo window display, Hudson, NY

2009 - North-East Library, solo show, Millerton, NY