"My work examines the sometimes unfamiliar connection between humanity and objects. My fascination with the relationship between shapes allows me to discover new possibilities. I may explore this with inspiration from a rusted piece of metal, a collection of beach junk, or perhaps, a glorious sunset.

Beginning with random marks on canvas, the painting provides the direction and tells me when it is complete. Typically unplanned, this subconscious flow is the drive behind my creative process.

I often experiment with variety of mediums. I may work with coal from a fireplace, tissue paper, eggshells, needle and thread, or a heat gun to create interesting textures. Quick drying acrylics and latex house paints allow for spontaneity. I am always looking forward to new discoveries to use in my work and they never fail to present themselves."

Erika grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. Living in the "iron curtain" era of Russia, although surrounded by culture, she felt limited and trapped. She turned to art as an escape. In 1989, she took up residence in the United States and found that she had to re-learn how to express herself authentically. New opportunities and the freedom to express herself have helped her to grow both personally and professionally as an artist.

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